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    Pretty big noob here just started getting into and reading about rooting/custom roms/ kernels ect. (a lot, and my head hurts)

    Android version: 4.1.2
    Kernel version: 3.0.31-1436784
    Network: T-mobile. U.K.

    Please excuse the long post but i feel its probably better to give the full story rather than fill in gaps later

    Basically My phone got slow and laggy and the battery was being drained to death so I started looking into rooting my phone mainly to free up space on my internal memory (4.54GB) by moving apps to the external micro SD card i have in my phone (32GB). After many hours on google i found that to do this on my particular device i would have to root the phone.

    I rooted the phone using "kingroot" and then again after a while on google searching space saving apps i downloaded a few things like.
    Rom Manager
    Titanium backup
    Root uninstaller.
    I played with a few things after researching and i noticed a great improvement in the battery life of the device, which is great but i want space mostly and after trying to use Link2SD and Apps2SD and GL2SD several times i apparently needed a 2nd partition on the SDcard??

    So again, after many hours on google looking into creating a 2nd partition on the Sd card it became all too much for me and i decided id try to install a custom rom that would have a 2nd partition (or just the option to move apps to SD for ghaaaads saaake!! already built into it.

    where im at now:
    I have used RomManager and made a back up Clockworkmod recovery and also a TWRP one.
    (although on the RomManager app, under /backup and restore/manage and restore backups/ it says "no backups found"
    Yet under /Recovery/Setup/Recovery already installed/ it says Clockworkmod recovery/TRWP recovery) is this usual?

    i have downloaded cyanogenmod 12.0 zip file to my phone. (which i believe is the lollipop update?) will this give me the option to move apps to micro SD?

    I have also downloaded the correct Gapps to go with the above ROM onto the phone (i hope its the correct one) the file says: pa_gapps-modular-full-5.1-20150315-signed.zip? please correct me if im wrong.

    i have also read quite a lot about how to install the custom rom using the RomManager app and feel ready to proceed, but of course being a noob i am reluctant in case i don't know enough yet or i have got something wrong.

    any advise or direction at all would be greatly appreciated.

    08-29-2015 09:26 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Your steps look pretty good. The Gapps file should be fine.

    One question though: What is the storage of your device? 8 or 16 GB?
    08-29-2015 10:22 AM

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