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    Can anyone help me with my problem?

    Galaxy S3 Mini(GT-I8190), rooted,and no custom ROM(Stock ROM Installed). I cannot go to my homescreen so yeah..
    I'm using CWM recovery v6.0.2.7, when i will do "wipe data/factory reset" the phone will restart immediately and nothing happens it didn't reformat my phone, like nothing happens. I stuck at boot loop with "galaxy s3 mini logo" and keep restarting itself, while turning on the LED light(menu and back) below blinks 3 times or more i don't know what does it means. I reinstalled stock firmware from sammobile like few months i did when trying to fix in boot loop, but now it won't work, while installing stock firmware via ODIN, i notice something that there's a red colored message below "custom binary download" the message is "movi_write card_status:2 ...", by the way my binary counts is 15 does it matter with this red thing message?, my "Current Binary" and "System Status" are in "Custom" but my firmware installed is Stock Firmware.

    I tried installing new Recovery mode with TWRP via ODIN and it says PASS and restarts my phone and i take off the battery and goes to recovery mode and it appears that it doesn't take me to TWRP, it is like that the TWRP that i flashed via ODIN didn't install to my phone and CWM is still running in my recovery, i feel like CWM won't let me to factory/reset my phone so i changed to TWRP but it won't let me.
    11-14-2015 04:33 AM

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