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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T and for about a year and a half always wanted to root it but had no idea how. I had an iPhone a while back and used to jailbreak it I became an expert at it. Rooting is not so easy compared at least with the problems I've been experiencing
    I started by watching hundreds of root videos and ended up rooting it with Odin and Kit Kat tar file im not sure of the specific file but I'm almost 100% it was my version 4.4.2 that I flashed.Need serious help unrooting/fixing my Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-1747-10719500_868074489872430_706365079_n.jpg
    After I did this I downloaded the basics and tried to get TWRP but gooManager wasnt working for some reason.
    I tried to flash the Cyanongen 11 onto my phone using the installer for the comp and on google play store and it worked up until the end I got the dead droid symbol for a bit and it finished downloading to show the "ROM may flash stock recover on boot. Fix?" error message and I selected no and "Root Access Possibly Lost Fix?" I also selected no. My phone booted with no custom rom still rooted and most of my apps are unresponsive and close randomly except facebook and youtube.
    I decided I wanted to return it to stock rom and try again but when I downloaded the stock tar file and tried to flash it I got thisNeed serious help unrooting/fixing my Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-1747-10732133_868078886538657_763515336_o.jpg
    I'm not sure what to do because I cant return it to stock rom, clockmod recovery has stopped working, and every video I watch about how to fix it is only making it worse.
    If you have any idea what I can do or what I'm doing wrong let me know.

    Need serious help unrooting/fixing my Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-1747-10723082_868080883205124_699036380_n.jpg
    10-12-2014 03:53 PM
  2. raazman's Avatar
    10-12-2014 04:00 PM
  3. devito35's Avatar
    I'd rather just reboot my phone to the stock rom I don't even know if I want to continue messing with roms and rooted options until I do extensive research on it because I had close calls to potentially bricking my phone. Do you know why I got that error message on Odin or how to fix it?
    10-12-2014 04:04 PM
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    There are a few ways to root your device. This is how I did it:

    - Download latest version of Odin: Odin

    -Download latest Philz Touch Recovery d2lte .tar.md5 file onto your computer: Philz Touch Recovery d2lte

    -Download SuperSU and copy it to the sdcard of your phone: SuperSU

    -Open Odin on your computer.

    -Turn off phone.

    -Put phone in Download Mode by pressing Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button at same time.

    -Connect phone to computer with USB cord and let computer install drivers if needed.

    -In Odin, make sure Auto-Reboot is unchecked and PDA is checked.

    -Click on PDA and select the Philz .tar.md5 file so it shows in the PDA section.

    -Click install and wait until it says 'Pass!'. Once it does, phone is rooted.

    -After it says 'Pass!', disconnect your phone>take out the battery>put battery in phone>reboot into recovery by pressing Volume Up+Home Button+Power Button at the same time.

    -When in Recovery Mode, find the SuperSu file in the sdcard and install it.

    -After installing SuperSU, select 'Reboot Phone' and now you're rooted in your stock ROM with SuperSU.

    -If you want to flash a ROM, choose the ROM you want to install and download it. Then, reboot into Recovery Mode and install it.
    10-12-2014 08:04 PM

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