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    Samsung Galaxy S3 is already a great mobile phone without rooting it. Awkwardly, this will not let us to use any different apps. So, if you want to use more great apps that can create amazing feeling when using Samsung Galaxy S3, then you will surely like to get rid of its limits by rooting it.

    Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 allows you to have more administrator rights. You can edit its settings and muddle around with its style.

    In other words, it will give you a complete control over your phone.

    Get the rooting required tools from here: Rooting Tools

    Now, you have understood what is the rooting process can do to your phone, follow this process of rooting your mobile phone.

    Note: The process will also work on Samsung galaxy S3 mini, and works on all firmwares, with: 4.4, 4.3 and 4.1.2.

    Back up your phone
    The very first step of rooting your phone is back up you phone. You can forget everything but do not forget this one step. By creating a backup copy of your important data saved on your mobile. It doesn’t matter how consistent the rooting program you will use, it will delete all the data you have in your phone. So, to stay safe, make sure that you have created back up and save all your important data before proceeding to the next step.

    Download the rooting tool
    After the backup process, download the rooting program to root your Samsung Galaxy S3. Download it to your computer. Extract the file. Read the instructions carefully. By reading the instructions, you will not miss anything. Run its file so it will be installed to your computer.

    Connect your phone
    After the program has been installed to your computer, connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 via Data cable to your computer. Set your mobile to download mode. The Download mode will allow the rooting program to be downloaded on your phone so you can run it there. For download mode, Press and hold these keys instantaneously: volume down, home and power. Wait for a notification, asking if you are sure you want to enter into such mode.

    Follow the instructions of the program
    It will take some time before the rooting of your phone is completed. Your phone will restart few times during this process, which is perfectly normal. When it restarts the last time, it will give you a welcome message that your phone has been rooted.

    After the rooting Process of Samsung Galaxy S3 you can start using home-made OS, powerful apps that you cannot find from Google Play store, etc. I hope you will like this tutorial, Sharing is caring So don’t forget to share this informative article with your friends. You can also follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook. Stay blessed.
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    No link to "Rooting Tool"..??
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    Link please

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    Need the link!

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