1. bboozer's Avatar
    Anyone know how long it will be before we see some quality cases and holsters for the S3? I really would like to have one when it comes out, but I have to have a durable case and a holster. I would assume that Otterbox, Seidio and others will be coming out quickly, but I was just curious if anyone really follows how fast the development of these is.I would think that they might get some advance notice from the manufacturers, under strict confidentiality agreements, but with all the hype around new phones and the other leaks, maybe not.
    05-06-2012 08:47 PM
  2. Tkbredx's Avatar
    05-06-2012 11:05 PM
  3. Nashstruck's Avatar
    05-07-2012 03:32 AM
  4. MannyZ28's Avatar
    They all came out pretty fast for the GS2. Case makers don't sleep around, they try to have their products ready as soon as the phone launches.
    05-07-2012 01:17 PM
  5. weezul's Avatar
    think i might pre order some stuff from ehre
    Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases
    05-07-2012 06:24 PM
  6. Tkbredx's Avatar
    O M G that is UGLY!

    Lol, I know. but LOOK AT THAT BATTERY! I could go to my grave without charging my phone.
    05-07-2012 09:04 PM
  7. babracmmm's Avatar
    I'm looking for a belt holster that the GSIII will fit in. I'm assuming the one I use for my reliable DInc won't fit.
    06-06-2012 10:19 PM
  8. jcp007's Avatar
    OB Defender for me whenever it becomes available.
    06-06-2012 10:24 PM
  9. ReggieTee's Avatar
    06-06-2012 11:09 PM
  10. xxINFIDELxx's Avatar
    Kind of liking the white Otterbox commuter case.
    06-07-2012 12:22 AM
  11. jcp007's Avatar
    Did not know it came in white. The website showed only black last night.
    06-07-2012 05:58 AM
  12. kilofoxtrot's Avatar
    I am using the same case/holster I've always used for all my phones.

    Naked phone in my pocket.
    06-07-2012 06:32 AM
  13. jrob214's Avatar

    Plenty of different colors for the Otterbox.

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    06-07-2012 06:52 AM