1. mgindi26's Avatar
    I upgraded to a Razr Maxx froma Fascinate a week ago. I was going to wait to see what happens with the GS3, but when Verizon took $100.00 off the Maxx and then announced an end to unlimited I decided not to wait and did an early upgrade. Battery life is an issue to me as I had to et an extended for my Fascinate and it just killed the once beautiful lines of the phone. But they said the SG3 is better than older phones.
    But my question is that since Verizon has a 14 day return policy should i back out and wait for the GS3? But I don't want to pay more than 200.00 How much do you think the Verizon GS3 will go for?
    05-23-2012 08:43 AM
  2. PewterL31's Avatar
    Most likely it will be $300 or $299.99 as they like to put it on contract.

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    05-23-2012 08:45 AM
  3. cordoni's Avatar
    Also, I would be surprised if Verizon releases any new phones before they kill unlimited data. That is the reason I am upgrading to the R-max tomorrow.

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    05-23-2012 08:50 AM
  4. mwandroboy's Avatar
    If it was between an android phone and iPhone, i would wait for sure. But, for between android phones, I would just stick with Razr maxx because it's cheaper and still upgradable to android 4.0. Personally, I would wait for Galaxy S3 tho because I have to use it for 2 years! It's totally your decision depending on your budget and contract.
    05-23-2012 12:30 PM