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    Interesting. I'm sure they're trying to stop the whole designed by lawyers talk by releasing this information.

    Galaxy S III, Let

    Samsung is going on record that the Galaxy S III was not designed by lawyers. In its latest Samsung Tomorrow blog post, it talks about the design of the SGS3 and how its nature-inspired minimal organic design identity is reflected in the smooth and non-linear lines of the device.

    Though the tagline says, Designed for humans, its more accurate to say that the Galaxy S III is designed to be human-centric, which means adhering to the hand in a way no other smartphone has before. This may sound like a bit of hyperbole (and remains to be seen), but its clear that the curved design does indeed emphasize the flow and movement of nature. Most elements in nature come from curves. Instead of straight artificial lines, we focused on the elegant curves says Vice President of Product Design, Minhyouk Lee.

    He also goes on to talk about the new HyperGlaze material that is meant to make the Galaxy S III stronger than its predecessors. There are three layers of polycarbonate matched with a clear scratch-resistant coating, so despite complaints that Samsung failed to innovate in terms of materials, the SGS3 will feel and look different.

    He finishes: Trying totally new designs and materials, we went through a great number of prototypes. Moulding and coating techniques also had to be developed. We did our best not only to provide the most creative and innovative product, but also to match the expectations consumers hold. Everything from their lifestyles to simple habits was taken into account. Not only aesthetic but also technological design was a great factor.
    06-02-2012 09:03 AM
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    Seen the "not designed by lawyers" tagline before, but not his comments.
    Particularly interested in his comments about the material and finish. Just like the camera-everybody was complaining it was the same old stuff. Not the case.
    Material is better and the camera has a new sensor-same one in the iPhone 4s.

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