07-06-2012 11:34 AM
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  1. Bad_SNaCKY's Avatar
    I can't really find a good place to put the infuse 4G dock in my car and i already have navigation. I may sell it. (for what i bought it for plus shipping) Any takers?
    07-06-2012 08:41 AM
  2. jaebberwock's Avatar
    I got a ghetto $4 mount from monoprice.

    I was able to use it with the OG Droid, Thunderbolt, and hopefully very soon, the S3. As nice as phone specific cradles are, I think it is kind of wasteful to have to get a new mount every time you get a new phone. Kind of hypocritical since there is nothing wrong with the current phone I'm replacing, aside from atrocious battery life.

    Since I won't get anymore subsidized upgrades with Verizon due to unlimited, I will be running the S3 into the ground.
    07-06-2012 11:02 AM
  3. VSiragucci's Avatar
    How much and where r u?
    07-06-2012 11:34 AM
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