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    I have few questions I'm curious about-

    1. I think remember reading some article about batteries with NFC and how replacing them often would cause problems. Something about it having to reverify something or another. Am I correct or did I misunderstand what the article was saying? And if that is the case, would it be too much hassle to buy extra batteries to switch out?

    2. This one is a more general battery question. I have always heard that when you get a new phone you need to completely drain the battery and completely charge it to full a few times right when you get it to get maximum life out of it. Is that still out-dated logic or is it still applicable with modern phones/batteries? And does leaving your phone on the charger overnight and allowing it to charge at 100% for an extended period really hurt your batteries lifespan?
    06-19-2012 11:24 PM
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    I don't think so charging the phone completely when you get the new phone. Leaving the phone all night will not have any impact on the phone's battery. To save your battery there are some widgets that you can install for free that save the battery life.
    06-20-2012 05:39 AM
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    My Fascinate tells me that my phones battery is at 100% and that I should unplug it.

    Is it using older tech or just telling me that to air the side of precaution?
    06-20-2012 10:51 PM
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    I've read you should never drain the battery completely. It does something to the cells. Most phones, at least HTC phones, shut off before the battery is completely drained. Some say you should let it get to about 20% then recharge. Others say you can let it go down more but not completely drained.

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    06-21-2012 01:11 AM
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    On my Droid X, which I have had for 21 months, I leave it on the charger every night, it also charges every time I set it in the car dock. I have never taken particular care to ensure it was fully charged/discharged, or cycled in any particular way. It is still on only the original battery and still maintains about the same amount of usage per charge as always, maybe a smidgen less, but nothing I could quantify.
    I plan to treat the SGS3 the same, with the exception, that I may get a spare battery, as my new work location is "on the edge" of 3g, and the DX burns through the batt when constantly searching for a signal.
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    06-21-2012 01:37 AM
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    What about the NFC thing? Have you guys ever read that? Does changing between batteries that have NFC integrated cause any kind of issues or anything?
    06-21-2012 05:45 PM