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    I have the international GS3 and got it unlocked with a code and it worked fine on Orange network, while the phone is on Three, so then i flashed Omega 7 and rooted and it will no longer detect the Orange network, its just a circle with a line through on the status bar.

    I thought maybe it wiped the unlocked but checked and it still says the phone is unlocked so i thought i would test and put back in the Three sim and it worked fine and then i had a old pay as you go o2 network sim and put that it and it gets a signal and the option to top up.

    So i thought maybe the sim is faulty, and put it into my iPhone 4S and it gets signal and reads it, i followed the instructions and revered back to Stock to see if that fixed it but still the same problem.

    Anyone have any ideas why or how to fix this?
    07-02-2012 06:14 PM