1. hiero's Avatar
    Ok, so I know flash is not a supported thing any longer, but I have a pretty specific set of .swf files that I have loaded on my phone that would be very nice to have for work purposes.

    That said, is there any way to open .swf files on the phone?? I've tried installing adobe flash player 11 and then browsing to the files via firefox (using file:// to get to the local files on the phone) and I get the option to click to start flash in the browser, but then get a blank screen.

    I wasn't able to get chrome to browse to the internal data structures, so wasn't sure if it doesn't recognize file://...

    Anybody have any idea if this is even possible (to play local flash files on the phone)? Totally ok if the answer is, 'it's not possible,' it just would be a nice-to-have for work.

    07-09-2012 02:48 PM