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    Ok, expecting my "machine" any time now. In the past I have always had my carrier switch things over from my old phone to my new one. My son tells me there is a way to do all the switching over without taking it in. Unfortunately he is at work and can't help me today. So, do I just switch the cards in the phone over to the new one? I don't want to lose my contacts and pictures. Aren't the SD cards different sizes from the Galaxy S which is what I have now, as compared to the S3? I want to get everything right for setting this up. Can you help?
    07-11-2012 09:08 AM
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    install Kies on your PC and it should help you move over your stuff from the GS to the GS3.

    you can just move your microsd card from the GS ti the GS3

    all the best
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    07-11-2012 12:44 PM