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    I just upgraded from a 3g Droid X to the S3 on Verizon. One of the major things I was excited about was finally getting Verizon's 4g, as I have great coverage in my area as well as most of the places I work. I work out of 3 locations ranging from TN to KY and have great 4g coverage at the TN locations. The KY one not so much, but where it is you are lucky to just have 3g, so not going to complain.

    A huge plus was being able to tether with a connection that is actually worth tethering to. My Droid X and 3g was just never that great. I have now done a little bit of testing and will being doing some more very shortly once I have a chance to be at more of my locations.

    So far I have had some mixed results.

    1. At locations one I am right next to the interstate, maybe 100 yards from it in fact. On the interstate 100 yards I get a solid 15 down 12ish up. However, I have found the shop area kills my 3g/4g connection. I can't even really get a speedtest to finish as my down will be about 200 kbs and upload will just time out. I was very disappointed about this, as I was hoping to switch from my wifi here as it drops connection often.

    I will be doing some more tests at different spots at this location soon.

    2. At location two I have been able to try one location. There are multiple buildings here and only had the chance to test it at one of them. My results were amazing here. I was getting about 32 down on my phone, and when tethered to my chromebook I was getting 36 down.

    The real test will be at my second building here as one of the places I need connection the most has a high probability of the building killing the signal here.

    3. I will be testing my third location later today. It has 2 buildings but I am not expecting much as it is my KY location. I will share results later.

    4. My house is ok. It is near the interstate so I was expecting a better signal. Getting about 3 down in the middle of my house. I will have to do some testing in different locations around my house and in my yard.

    I am not as disappointed about my house and 3 down since I am 99% of the time on wifi here. When it cools down I will also be wiring my house with cat5 so I can add some additional Access Points to different areas of my house to give a solid wifi signal throughout.

    5. The interstate. I travel a straight line to get to locations 1,2,3 and my house. I have tested most of the interstate from mouse house to location 1 and then to location 2. It is about an hour and a half of driving from house to location 2. So far every place i've tested it on the interstate has been 12-15 down with 8-12 up. This is pretty amazing as I am often needing to make a stop at a gas station and jump on my laptop real quick to do some remote access or other administration type of thing.

    I will be updating with other results as I gather them. I am interested to see what other peoples findings are. I really hate verizon and am beyond pissed about the locked bootloader. If it wasnt for the insane coverage and speeds in my area I would have left. Just so hard to give 30+ down. Around the town I live its 12-18 down pretty solid and it is amazing.

    I am wondering if I will be able to change to a different carrier after i've been spoiled by LTE. Maybe in 2 years ATT or Sprint will have a nice LTE coverage in my area. I have heard sprint is testing lte here already. I just just so torn right now as this bootloader crap has really soured me to verizon.
    07-11-2012 09:00 AM
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    Tested my speeds at my KY store, and was very surprised. Was getting 20 down in the parking lot and about 8-10 where i was sitting indoors. The up was only 1-2 but still I wasnt expecting my down to hit 1-2.

    So far my biggest gripe is location one and my house, as I'm there the most. Will have to do some more testing.
    07-12-2012 07:03 AM