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    Hey guys, Sorry to post here but wanted to get the most attention as fast as possible, AND since its a problem with the micro usb port, it can potentially apply to any phone. (hope I dont get in crap for this)

    Anyways, my bloody phone wont charge unless i plug in the USB cable, and push/hold the jacket of the cable pretty hard towards the screen. Phone is a Telus Galaxy S Fascinate.

    Im trying to hold of for a new phone for the next couple months, but wondering if there is a way to fix this OR if there are any how to's anywhere. This is extremely annoying and not sure how long resting books on the thing to get the cable to seat properly is going to last before the whole usb port stops working.

    (ps - of course I checked that its not the actual cable teehee )

    Any thoughts or advice?

    I was thinking about picking up the TELUS Galaxy S 3 since it just came out here, but wouldnt mind waiting until fall to see what else comes along (including Apple- Dont kill me again please).

    Thanks guys in advance!
    07-11-2012 02:59 PM