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    I am a little new to this, I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 a couple of days ago, and I have a few questions..
    I was reading on here that other people are also having trouble with the microphone on the S3..I can hear the person I am talking to, its the other person that can not hear me...It is really annoying, because like everyone else I paid good money for a nice phone..and I would like it to work..
    SO...the reason this thread is title 'backing up help' is because I was reading on how to fix the microphone issue and it said I could do a factory reset or something like that.. (I have already went in and updated everything that I can)

    -when I go to settings, it says I am backing up my accounts through the google server...but if I perform a master reset how to i restore my contacts,settings and photos??

    I don't want to loose all my pictures, and contacts..so I dont know what to do...

    Please Help!!!!
    Sorry I am new to this and not super tech-savey...(former crackberry user)...my service provider is Sprint if that helps...

    07-12-2012 12:28 AM