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    So before you bring it to an 8 simple questions will tell you what my phone:
    Galaxy S3 bought by Vodafone GT-i9300 (ITALY)
    Android 4.0.4
    Banda Base Version: i9300Bulf
    Installed Avast Antivirus
    Active services: wifi, gps, screen rotation, power management, reporting.
    Movement: activation sensor and all services moving assets from direct call to turn off the sound / put it (all active).
    Display: Show% battery and Auto Adjust. tone screen.
    If you need to know anything else ask!

    1) We all have 1gb of ram but I so new factory consumes more than 500mb and I own the remaining 220MB ... do you think is normal?
    2) How do you conserve RAM and finally close the program after using them without going in the background? I used the radio, and remains in the background even after, when I do not care ...
    3) I installed cerberus, and initially it worked without any problems if everything is completely wrong to place the code on the sign you photographed and the photo came to me by email, that's enough ... can be determined by what you know?
    4) I bought the mobile phone from Vodafone and then have some program installed in it that I do not care, you can make it if no brand and what are the advantages or disadvantages?
    5) The battery lasts me a ceppa is true that still needs to take charge / discharge but less than an hour to write email on 5% fixed immediately after the detachment from charging me 97% marks and not the 100% , reasons, all this in hibernation!
    6) In setting-> I Stand by battery cell 53% and 6% device on standby ... What are these 2 items, savings in energy consumption!
    7) Before you update the cell by ICS to JB expect there will be a more official put, but what is the latest firmware released? I say the last and the last for Vodafone No brand and I explain the differences? thanks
    8) Oh, last question, but the function of S-Control Alarm Voice who wrote Note: You may consume more battery and consumes only if S is voice-activated correctly? or even when it is in the background or off?

    I leave you even if you want to contact me or feel my skype user: Federico Andrea Venturi
    Many thanks for answers
    07-12-2012 09:13 AM
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    " How do you conserve RAM and finally close the program after using them without going in the background?"

    Hold down the home button and wait for a list of open apps to pop up. You can then close apps by swiping them off the screen or hitting the remove all button.
    07-12-2012 10:07 AM