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    I just found this out. Have not seen any post on it.

    This may be obvious but thought I would share.

    I live in the country and with all the aluminum siding on the house. Well you can imagine. My cell phone barely gets a signal so its sucking up more power than needed talking to those towers.

    I found, go into settings>Wireless and networks>more settings>check on Flight Mode. Then pull down menu I select Wifi back on. This disables the phone which I cannot use anyway but leaves me the wifi (my visual mail does not work with wifi on anyway so all calls just go to mail for me when I can get them. An just turn off Airplane mode when I leave the house.

    I know, not a lot of use to many but for those living in fringe areas. An still wanting Wifi at home. It could help with battery life.
    07-13-2012 08:22 PM