1. funkylogik's Avatar
    which scores highest?
    07-16-2012 05:57 PM
  2. funkylogik's Avatar
    07-16-2012 10:25 PM
  3. Mikest's Avatar
    Oh I hope this ends up as another "performance version" thread

    but for giggles, this is my AT&T US dual core version

    07-16-2012 10:44 PM
  4. funkylogik's Avatar
    did u reboot+close everything 1st m8?
    07-16-2012 10:55 PM
  5. funkylogik's Avatar
    ...sorry if the threads been done before m8 im new + genuinely wondered which was faster. im guessin the US version scores higher in other benchmarks?
    07-16-2012 10:58 PM
  6. Mikest's Avatar
    did u reboot+close everything 1st m8?
    yep that was pretty much the day I bought the phone.
    07-17-2012 09:19 PM
  7. vedwardsiii's Avatar
    Yea there are already quite a few write ups on this subject all over the net. Same thing with the HTC one X (US version=dual vs Foreign=quad). General consensus from what I can tell is the dual core performs better under typical real world use. Quad scores better under specific operations that have been designed for it. Actually most of the tests that have been performed it looks as if the dual core does better under most of the current test parameters. I am sure as the software begins to take advantage of the quad core we will all want one. At the moment I am completely content with the dual.
    07-17-2012 09:57 PM
  8. Suntan's Avatar
    I'm at a loss to think of a scenario where a person would be able to tell the difference from just using them in normal operation.

    Perhaps if a person opened a lot of apps and switched around in multiple apps constantly then the 2 GB version might show some promise, but as it is, there is no app available that one of the two can run that the other one can't.

    07-17-2012 10:19 PM