1. Mikhailov's Avatar
    My friend just bought a Verizon Galaxy S3, and I still have my AT&T iPhone 4S for the moment. We noticed something tonight. We can no longer send each other MMS picture messages. On his phone, it says the picture sent but I never receive it. On my end, I get an error that I can't send the message. We are both on our respective WiFi. I tried searching for this issue and couldn't really find anything. I advised him to return his phone or see if Verizon can fix it. Good advice, or is there a fix?
    07-22-2012 08:29 PM
  2. unlmtdRW's Avatar
    Noticed this posting wasn't answered, so thought I might provide link to another thread on similar subject... in case anyone else comes across this one but not the other, may be helpful.

    07-28-2012 03:34 PM