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    Hi guys, I'm having an issue annoying enough for me to make an account and post after doing hours of research.

    I have a mount for my s3 in my car and use it as a gps (google navigation) while connected to bluetooth so that the directions go through my car speakers. I also have music on my phone, so that also streams. What normally happens is that the music is playing but when an instruction from the gps is spoken the music quiets down while it's being said then returns to full volume. It didn't do this with the stock music app, I downloaded Android Music for this.

    Anyways, the issue is that the music will randomly stop. My stereo says that there is still a bluetooth connection active, however neither my music nor google nav instructions will play through my stereo anymore. I believe that this 'disconnect' occurs right as google nav is about to speak an instruction, however I can't be too sure. This happens both with two of the stock apps as well as Android Music.

    I don't seem to have this problem when google nav isn't open; my music streams fine without any interruption.

    Has anybody else had this issue or knows how to fix it?
    07-23-2012 11:02 PM