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    So I purchased the S3 this past week from a seller on kijiji. Phone was brand new in the box with protective plastic on it and battery was still wrapped. Tested it on the spot and everything looked fine. The next day when I popped my sim card in and started using it I noticed this terrible problem with the screen. The small dots are visible all the time but the random lines and pink patches come up every now and then.

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    A lookup of the IMEI on the Rogers website shows that the warranty began July 23rd 2012. I did not get a receipt from the seller and do not have his number. His number got deleted from the phone I was using to contact him. I am wondering what Samsung would be willing to do about this because Rogers is reluctant to do anything without a receipt. I have called a local authorized Samsung service center but no one picks up.
    07-28-2012 05:28 PM