1. cltyus1's Avatar
    Just curious, how do you all watch movies on your phone?

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    08-03-2012 08:42 PM
  2. jcp007's Avatar
    Video Player??? Could you be more specific? Do you want to convert DVD to watch on your phone? If so, DVD Catalyst or Roxio.
    08-03-2012 08:50 PM
  3. antares1207's Avatar
    MX Player. It solved my movie woes on my Tbolt, so I've stuck with it. It just works, and has nice controls.
    08-03-2012 08:56 PM
  4. Suntan's Avatar
    I rip the Blu Ray disc onto the computer with AnyDVDHD, then convert the movie to a 1280x720 size (AVC high profile with 160 kbps aac stereo audio) using handbrake. Usually about 1GB per hour for high quality, less for less important stuff.

    Then copy it over to the phone and playback with MXplayer.

    08-03-2012 11:43 PM
  5. JimBen73's Avatar
    I use Netflix
    08-03-2012 11:52 PM
  6. Rev2010's Avatar
    MX Player is my player of choice, even better than Mobo player. I was downloading movies in 720p for a while but then got to thinking I may get a notice of DMCA warning so I figured since I *own* the movies I was downloading on bluray it may be better to buy a bluray burner/player and just rip my discs. I use Ubuntu Linux and bought a Bluray drive off of Newegg. I bought a burner only because it was like $20 more even though I current don't plan to burn discs. In Ubuntu I installed two softwares that are also available on Windows and Mac - MakeMKV and Handbrake. MakeMKV rips my bluray's to an .MKV file. From there I open Handbrake and choose a profile I created for good quality 1280x720p movies and encode them as .MP4 files. Works AWESOME!

    08-04-2012 12:25 AM