01-03-2013 08:54 PM
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  1. Dizzo1992's Avatar
    Hey found a bigger battery but it still fits like the regular s3 battery. The question is to actually see if there is any improvement. I got it in the mail today its a 2900 mah instead of a 2100. It still fits the same and i don't need a special back for it. Im gonna drain it to 0% then charge it fully (Think that's what im supposed to do the first time.) Then ill see if it last better than my stock battery. Here is the link it was cheap and comes with a wall charger!

    New 2900mah Battery + Charger for Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 i9300/T999/i535/L710 | eBay
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    08-08-2012 01:06 PM
  2. dmmattix's Avatar
    Let us know how it turns out. I would be wondering though as it is very cheap and the same size. I doubt if the OEM folk just put filling in the battery to make it the size it is but hey let's wait and see.

    08-08-2012 01:13 PM
  3. funkylogik's Avatar
    will be interesting to see but i think if that kinda technology is around for that price, samsung would have used it. will be great if it works though
    08-08-2012 01:19 PM
  4. funkylogik's Avatar
    ....maybe if it does work, the battery will only give u like 3months use before deteriorating
    08-08-2012 01:21 PM
  5. Dizzo1992's Avatar
    ....maybe if it does work, the battery will only give u like 3months use before deteriorating
    Because it's not an official Samsung battery?

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    08-08-2012 01:28 PM
  6. funkylogik's Avatar
    not because its not samsung... just because there must be a downside to it or all the OEM's would be using it
    08-08-2012 01:30 PM
  7. funkylogik's Avatar
    am not tryin to **** on the parade lol if its good il buy one
    08-08-2012 01:31 PM
  8. Dizzo1992's Avatar
    Ohhh I see... Well if it starts going bad ill just switch back to the original. Shouldn't do anything for my phone. Just wanted a back up just in case for road trips black Friday and stuff where I'm out all night.

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    08-08-2012 01:31 PM
  9. marlin29311's Avatar
    I personally wouldn't try it. The samsung stock battery is 3.8V...this guy is 3.7V. I'm not fiddling with current voltages and such just for a little longer battery life...
    08-08-2012 01:31 PM
  10. funkylogik's Avatar
    the stock battery is only at full voltage for a fraction of a second though lol. i wouldnt worry much about the voltage
    08-08-2012 01:34 PM
  11. Dizzo1992's Avatar
    Says it has 3.8 on the battery. I switched back to regular for now it's kinda scaring me don't wanna mess us my phone cuz I love this thing lol.

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    08-08-2012 01:40 PM
  12. funkylogik's Avatar
    i wouldnt be scared off man. phones r prety flexible with input voltage
    08-08-2012 01:43 PM
  13. funkylogik's Avatar
    plus we want u to be our "guinae pig" lol
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    08-08-2012 01:44 PM
  14. Dizzo1992's Avatar
    Lol if my phone explodes you can call chip in for my replacement

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    08-08-2012 01:47 PM
  15. funkylogik's Avatar
    no problem mate ill send it in 's seriously though is the current the same as the stock battery?
    08-08-2012 01:54 PM
  16. Tkbredx's Avatar
    Lol. Good find of it works. Could be fake though. I've read reports of company's using lower powered batteries and just putting a label on it that says it's higher. Might want to pull the label off and see what mah the battery really is if it doesn't work like you think it should. Let us know though. Try it for a day or 2. If it's good I'll pick it up for myself.

    And funk. Samsung might've been able to squeeze a little more power in if NFC wasn't in there battery. So there is the possibility they could pack more juice in such a small pouch
    08-08-2012 02:02 PM
  17. funkylogik's Avatar
    true man i hadnt thought of that. i dont even use NFC so if batteries like this are any good, il defo be gettin one
    08-08-2012 02:09 PM
  18. Dizzo1992's Avatar
    Alright I put it back in. I'm gonna drain it down and I guess the real test starts tomorrow see how it holds up compared to the original.

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    08-08-2012 02:20 PM
  19. funkylogik's Avatar
    cool man keep us updated
    08-08-2012 03:06 PM
  20. funkylogik's Avatar
    ...think theres battery discharger apps that turn vibrate, screen, flash etc to run a battery flat faster
    08-08-2012 03:07 PM
  21. Wnrgway's Avatar
    Heck, just turn on the GPS and navigation. It'll be dead in no time!
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    08-08-2012 03:24 PM
  22. funkylogik's Avatar
    08-08-2012 03:26 PM
  23. Dave_k605's Avatar
    Lol at people being afraid of batteries.

    The voltage difference isn't enough to damage anything.

    And the people thinking that you cannot get more size because it isn't the oem don't understand anything about batteries, with them leaving it the nfc, they could easily have more room for the important stuff in a battery.

    Fully charge the battery, place a multi meter on the leads of the bat, I'm sure you will find it is the said size.

    Batteries are not expensive to produce, and they wouldn't gain anything by lying, esp when word gets around fast about this stuff online nowadays.

    On my Sammy fascinate it had a stock battery of 1500 I got an anker that was rated at 1800, it actually measured at 1850, another funny thing was it lasted well longer than the stock, was same dimensions and two batteries, along with a wall charger were only 20 shipped, cheaper and better than oem,

    OEM isn't always better, intact oem is often better as they improve designs that the oem overlooks.
    08-08-2012 03:39 PM
  24. funkylogik's Avatar
    yeah man when i said about "if it was any good, the OEMs would use it" i hadnt thought about the lack of NFC chip (i have no idea what size they are lol) soz
    08-08-2012 04:01 PM
  25. the1m.polo's Avatar
    I've used alternate batteries for years.. And I've not had one problem.... I don't use NFC much either soo... I actually got 2 from ebay that claim to be OEM with NFC. but after I looked at them close once I got them it looks like a Samsung bootleg.. Like the print isn't as crisp.. But hey they work.... I haven't had a chance to test the NFC on em.. I will and let u guys know

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    08-08-2012 04:28 PM
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