08-17-2012 11:22 AM
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  1. Silly Putty's Avatar
    200mb last month. I have wifi almost everywhere i go.

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    08-13-2012 10:56 AM
  2. Mellimel22's Avatar
    My data counter resetted too when I flashed this ROM but ive used like 12gb this month I have wimax everywhere I go

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    08-13-2012 11:55 AM
  3. BEARD GANG's Avatar
    Ive only got 100mb... But im upgrading soon will get 500mb... Good thing bout o2 is u dont get charged for going over
    08-13-2012 12:58 PM
  4. funkylogik's Avatar
    hav u heard bout giffgaff mervin m8? if u ordered a sim from ma link, we'd both get a fiver when u activate
    08-13-2012 02:09 PM
  5. icwhatudidthere's Avatar
    2.29 GB since July 20 when my last billing cycle started. I've got a 5GB plan so I've gotta start using some serious data for this last week!
    08-13-2012 02:32 PM
  6. funkylogik's Avatar
    its 10 qid to activate. for tenner a month u get unlimited data+text and 250mins. aye they run on o2 and its exact same signal and data speeds as o2 p+g but i get a much better signal on Three where i live so i went with their 15 all-you-can-eat p+g but ive kept a giffgaff sim active so i can earn payback. basicly theres no call centre so they pay users to give other users online help and to introduce new users. so my payback more than pays for my Three lol
    08-13-2012 03:52 PM
  7. crackberrytraitor's Avatar
    27.4 GB this month. I got throttled to 3g after 5 GB. I have the unlimited plan with Att and download lots of torrents.

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    08-13-2012 03:57 PM
  8. FormerIphoney's Avatar
    Another average month on vzw

    SGS3 production
    08-13-2012 04:06 PM
  9. funkylogik's Avatar
    cool mervyn il check it out m8. im right into irish hiphop justnow
    08-13-2012 04:15 PM
  10. funkylogik's Avatar
    sound m8 il post it on giffgaff forums too
    08-13-2012 04:19 PM
  11. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Not much... Less than 500 meg strongly enough. Most months run me about 1gig or so give or take... Light month I guess!

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    08-13-2012 04:56 PM
  12. Shadowtc's Avatar
    I think I went to much over board with my data:rolleyes: now I have to refresh 5X to load a page hahaha

    Sent from my paranoid S3
    08-17-2012 10:00 AM
  13. kryptonite_2448's Avatar
    About 2.71GB with only 3 days left. 1.01GB was from the NBC Live Extra app. Couldn't pass up a couple of the Olympics events happening live.
    08-17-2012 10:59 AM
  14. Lanhoj's Avatar
    7GB...so about 50$ in overages, gotta watch it this month - my limit is 3GB!
    08-17-2012 11:22 AM
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