1. Tommytong's Avatar
    My phone goes from full charge to 70% within 3 hours.

    Is that normal? I read that people can get a full days charge and still be at 50% and yet i'm draining at 10% an hour? I do run Touchdown, gmail and another exchange email. All on push. I do some texting, web browsing and facebooking along with some audio.

    I've disabled all unnecessary bloat apps including S-Voice.

    I run betterbatterystats to check for wake locks and partial wakelocks. I notice that when i plug the phone into a usb charger, the msm_otg wakelock appears and will drain the phone quick. A quick reboot seems to get rid of it, so it's usually the first thing i do.

    Audio partial wakelock is expected when i'm listening to music.

    I do have wifi always on during sleep. Does wifi always use more battery than 4G? My provider is AT&T and 4G is turned on. I don't believe there is a way to revert it to 3G.

    Rooting is not an option as it's a corporate device and it's being managed via a service that enforces a no root policy via Vodafone. This is not an international device.

    Any other thoughts?
    08-14-2012 11:18 AM