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    I'm new to android, have been using bb for the last 8 years but enough was enough. got my verizon s3 2 weeks ago and love it, though 2 features that I loved on my bb and so far cant find the solution I'm hoping someone here can help.

    1) With my bb there was in addition to separate folders for each email account or call logs etc. there was 1 message folder that was basically a universal folder, in other words any event that happened on the phone would go into that folder, outgoing, incoming, missed calls, texts emails etc. I know some people have no use for it and actually wouldn't even understand why someone would want it, but for me it was very convenient, some days when I'm on the road or meetings all day and miss a lot of calls & messages at the end of the day I want to review all of the days events, respond to some emails return some calls or texts etc. so instead of having to go to separate folders I had one folder that I could scroll thru and see what happened at 8:30 am missed call 9:05 am text etc.

    I tried searching the forums and did see some people with the same question but did not see someone who know if there is an app that would do that, I did come across an app Executive Assistant. but Im not sure if that app does it or not, would appreciate if anyone could help.

    2) with my bb after finishing typing up an email all the misspelled words would be underlined and you could click on the underline and it would give you suggestions for correct spelling. again does anybody know if this is possible with the s3? or if there is an app that would do that.?

    Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated. tx
    08-15-2012 02:29 PM