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    First of all I must say that the battery in the GS3 is pretty darn good. Today it has been off charge for 13.5 hours and has 44% left. This is pretty typical for me. No power saving mode any longer, I use an auto brightness widget, never turn off BT and I stream via BT in my car and am connected to my BT headset too. I am a territory manager so I am in the car for hours most days.

    I started a habit a little over a year ago which I think has really improved my battery life:

    Bump Charging!

    I pull my phone off the charger in the morning and check my emails, Yahoo finance, Facebook, etc. Then when I am ready to jump in the shower I put my phone back on the charger until the green LED comes on.

    When a phone is charging over night the charger cycles when it reaches full charge. This cycle maintains the battery at around 95+ - 100% charge. if you have ever noticed that your battery drops to 99 - 98 - 97 almost immediately after taking it off the charger it was at the low point in it's cycle. By putting it back on the charger you are effectively topping it off to a true 100%.

    Give it a try if you think I'm nuts. I have found when I am in a hurry and forget to bump charge I have a "bad battery day".
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    08-23-2012 09:52 PM
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    also try Battery Calibration Free app (the one that doesnt require root) mine is always at 100% charge for ages after i unplug now (its ad-push supported so uninstall as soon as youve used it)
    08-25-2012 06:46 AM