1. aquafusiondane's Avatar
    Anyone have a problem with camera Shortcuts that been modified that never save the setting? I took out the effect shortcut and put in resolution shortcut for easy switching since I switched out resolution pretty often for self video for my friends in whatsapp. After I made the changes, I exit the app and reenter the app, found out the shortcut that I modified went back to default setting. I did on the camera and the camcorder section with the same shortcut that I put and it always revert to default after I exit the camera. Anyone having this problem?

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    08-24-2012 03:04 AM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    i have the same issue with the Note 2.
    12-21-2012 07:32 PM
  3. AxlMyk's Avatar
    No problem here. Seems to be ok.

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    12-21-2012 08:10 PM