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    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy SIII deleteing an unpaired device. I already unpaired my bluetooth device but still it could scan the old device. I "paired" the bluetooth device to another Android phone and rename the buletooth device and changed the PIN to he default PIN.

    Long press to the scan (new device since already unpaired but still has the old name) device does not delete the device. It will only connect and asked me again to enter the proposed 4-digit PIN. The proposed 4-digit PIN change everytime I tried to connect.

    Unfortunately, after renaming and changing the PIN of the buletooth device, my Samsung Galaxy SIII (GS3) could still detect the old name of my bluetooth device and I could not pair it because the GS3 was asking me to enter a PIN to the bluetooth device.

    It seems like the GS3 ICS saved the paired devices amd refer it to the MAC Address.

    Appreciate feedback
    09-02-2012 09:18 PM
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    Have you powered your phone off and back on. I saw the same thing, but it cleared with a restart.

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    09-03-2012 02:17 PM
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    u might also need to delete GSIII from the device itself to break off the link completely
    09-03-2012 02:58 PM