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    Hey guys. I really like what this rom has to offer. Anybody here using it or know some info about it? I'd really like to use google now with this rom. The problem is it can only be flashed onto deodexed roms if I understand the info correctly. is this rom deodexed or not? I've read conflicting info on this. How can I get google now on this rom if it's odexed? Is there a way to deodex it? I read on xda that some people are just deleting the odex file in the rom and the dev supports that as well, but nobody says how exactly they are doing that. Any info you guys can give me on this is much appreciated.
    09-07-2012 01:22 PM
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    If the OP says it's odexed, than it's odexed. The devs include a changelog crammed with this info. CleanROM 2.1 also includes CleanKernel meaning you can OC the hell out of it. I ran it for a few days but if caused a battery percentage issue for me.
    Google Now is cooked in to Synergy ROM, you might want to check that out. Don't bother modifying CleanROM unless you know exactly how, and tearing out odex files is a pain IMHO.

    This posts and future related posts should be posted in the correct boards here (Verizon GS3 Rooting/ROMs). Your odds of getting help there are higher, although if I we're you I'd be on XDA or flashing Synergy

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    09-07-2012 06:15 PM
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    Thanks for the info man. I appreciate your opinion on this.
    09-08-2012 01:13 AM