1. Ry's Avatar
    It's always good to have a spare around just in case.

    I never sold off my personal Motorola DROID when I got my Bionic. In fact, I picked up a DROID Pro as just in case I need to pick up an international phone.

    I'll probably sell off the DROID and DROID Pro when I eventually replace my Bionic.

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    09-08-2012 02:34 PM
  2. 534n's Avatar
    This is another sort of "thinking out loud" thread, and I don't really care what people post in it, but I was wondering if anyone else had a sort of attachment to their SGN? I love my S3, and I was going to give my Nexus to my mom for her first smartphone, but I could not bring myself to do it for some reason. That being the case, I went on eBay and bought another Nexus to set up for her. Any thoughts?

    I just really like the full touch screen, and my Nexus has been hacked to pieces and set up perfectly for all sorts of tasks. So my S3 has become my flashy "phone" phone and I keep the Nexus as my little toolbox.
    09-08-2012 03:26 PM
  3. 534n's Avatar
    Oh yeah I mean I still have my MotoDroid I and the LG Chocolate (LOL) my brother stole and destroyed my enV2 but I just have an attachment to my Nexus beyond keeping it for a spare, you know?
    09-08-2012 03:37 PM