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    Wondering if someone could help here please before I reluctantly doing a factory reset on my Galaxy S3 (tons of apps installed so would prefer to avoid this).

    I've noticed for a few weeks that my Galaxy S3 screen would intermittently stay on even though I have the time out currently set to 15 seconds). After deleting various apps that I thought might be related and some isolation troubleshooting I've narrowed it down to when calls are made/received on the phone. Once it's in this condition if I do a "Restart" of the phone the normal screen timeout returns.

    Since finding that out I've tried various things to fix this (e.g. stopping the phone process etc.) just to find out why this is happening - but now I'm left with doing a factory reset.

    I've done a Google search and can't find any other such reports of this problem so was hoping someone here may have some suggestions or recommendations to avoid me having to do the factory reset and the hours that it would take to restore the phone (non rooted so I can't back up the apps - don't want to root as I've only had the phone a couple of months).

    Many thanks for any advice.

    09-10-2012 09:01 AM
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    This certainly isn't a common problem. I assume this is making calls using the phone as the handset rather than Bluetooth? Have you tried changing the timeout to 30 seconds or something else to see if the behavior changes? Do you have the proximity sensor enabled (Phone>Call settings>Auto screen off during calls)?

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    09-10-2012 08:07 PM
  3. paeuk's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've tried different "display timeout" times, no difference. The proximity sensor is enabled. Also now tried disabling that and the same problem exists. Very strange. Looks like I'm left with a factory default when I have the time. Also will do a search if there is a way to do a system settings reset without losing all the data and apps. Thanks again.
    09-11-2012 03:48 AM
  4. GSDer's Avatar
    Well, a factory reset is probably quicker than spending a lot of time troubleshooting further. And unfortunately, no, there isn't a way to keep all of your apps/data - other than making a backup and then doing a restore afterwards. I'd recommend something like https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...droid.MyBackup, which will allow you to backup your SMS/MMS and other data. Your contacts and calendar should be synced to Google (if you have that enabled) and your apps will automatically download from the Google Play Store so you really only have to concern yourself with your setup (home screens, etc.) and application data (which most backup apps can copy, but may not be able to restore unless rooted - I'm not an expert on that).

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    09-11-2012 07:04 AM
  5. paeuk's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the help and recommendations. Appreciated. Just will wait until I have time to sort it out.

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    09-11-2012 02:15 PM

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