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    I've been told by Samsung that to try and figure out why my alarms have stopped playing through my external speakers that I need to do a hard reset. I don't want to loose all my apps, pics etc but just as important is my movies! What is the best way to save them so I can load them back on to my phone later? In very simple terms please, I am technologically challanged!!!
    09-23-2012 04:15 PM
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    As long as the content that you care about is on the MicroSD card you don't have to worry about it. Unfortunately Samsung has made it very confusing to the normal user since the internal storage on the phone is known as 'sdcard'. Your best bet is to use the included 'My files' application to find out where your files are actually stored - assuming that you have a MicroSD card installed it should look something like this:If you find your files on the 'sdcard' you just need to move them to 'extSdCard' and then you're safe to do a hard reset. Once you find a file/directory you want to move, just long-press the item and you'll get a menu like this that'll allow you to do that:

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    09-24-2012 09:25 AM
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    ^^ that

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    09-24-2012 10:09 AM

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