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    So I am new to the S3, and I am looking to buy one today. I am curious as to why the UNLOCKED version is so much more expensive. I understand the bootloader side of things, but is that all it means? Or can you get an unlocked S3 to operate either on GSM or CDMA/LTE? Any help would be awesome!
    09-26-2012 10:11 AM
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    From what I've heard you can't. And its more expensive because its not covered by warranty, which means you have to buy it at full retail. Also I believe Verizon and at&t operate on different frequencies. I think you could only use it on GSM (at&t and t mob)

    I might be wrong, the s3 may be a global/world phone. I know the new iPhone can. But I'm only 62.924% sure that you can't do it with the s3

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    I might have confused you. It also depends on if the unlocked phone is from at&t or Verizon.. you can't take something unlocked from at&t and run on Verizon or take a Verizon unlocked phone and run on at&t. Unless it has that world/global capability. Like the HTC reszound. I believe it can on both networks
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    09-26-2012 11:22 AM

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