1. tony477g's Avatar
    Went into the app manager and went to the running column then clicked on cached processes and i have about five or six games in there that i almost never play. why are they there if i hardly ever use them? What are these cached apps? They say their running in the background. Could this be the cause of my battery woes?
    10-02-2012 08:57 AM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    It's how Android manages RAM. It may cache some things you’ve been using recently, for quicker access if you need them again, but it will erase the cache if it needs the RAM for new activities.

    So you could kill the game apps if you're not using them everyday, otherwise it's fine the way it is. The Android OS does a pretty good job of managing apps by itself. What you are seeing is apps being cached for quicker access if you decided to launch them again.. If not, the Android OS will kill them on its own if it feels it needs the RAM for something newer that's running.
    10-02-2012 09:41 AM
  3. tony477g's Avatar
    So that really wont affect battery life right? Its mostly the bigger games that are always on, even if i stop them after about 5 minutes they reappear
    10-02-2012 07:54 PM
  4. funkylogik's Avatar
    i use an app called Cache Cleaner just out of habit from old phones but doubt if its necesary on the s3?

    global s3, UK. Ask me anything and ill reply even if its just an intelligent (or stupid) guess
    10-02-2012 08:23 PM

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