1. garry1bowie's Avatar
    Guys, does anyone know if there's an animated weather widget? I mean, were the actual widget is animated rather than tapping the widget to go into the app to see animation? Thanks.
    10-03-2012 05:07 AM
  2. kkapoorr's Avatar
    Hmmm... Apps like Beautiful Widgets give you the option of full screen animations. Then you'll won't need to go into the app to see the animation.

    The stock Sense weather widgets in my HOX do give animated widgets and full screen animations.

    Author Of NoobTech
    10-03-2012 05:18 AM
  3. funkylogik's Avatar
    Go Weather i THINK....

    global s3, UK. Ask me anything and ill reply even if its just an intelligent (or stupid) guess
    10-03-2012 10:48 AM
  4. garry1bowie's Avatar
    Cheers guys, i'll have a look at those. Iv'e got an HTC weather widget on my JB iPhone which works great, was hoping for something similar on my S3.
    10-03-2012 12:17 PM

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