1. jamesino's Avatar
    I really enjoy the controls on the strings of my earbuds that came with the phone. It lets me adjust the volume and play/pause and skip songs without having to turn on my phone. My question is, are these the only earbuds with controls that would work with the phone?

    In other words, are there universal earbuds with controls that would also work? So if I lost my originals, would I have to buy another set of OEM original earbuds, or could I replace them with another earbud model whose controls work as well?
    10-13-2012 01:58 PM
  2. funkylogik's Avatar
    very good question mate.
    my Sony phone earbuds dont work in my samsung (even the sound is wrong) but they work on my girls blackberry.
    maybe its samsung being a-holes like they have with the HDMI output and sd cards so you have to use samsung accessories?

    global s3, UK. Ask me anything and ill reply even if its just an intelligent (or stupid) guess
    10-13-2012 02:22 PM

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