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    I just got a Galaxy S3 through Veizon, which is my first android phone (runs 4.0). I have set it to sync using ActiveSync with my Exchange 2010 server at work, where I use Outlook 2010. My Outlook is set for "file as" Last name First name. I have set Contacts on my Galaxy to "List by" Last Name and "Display contacts by" First name. These settings match the way my Outlook works.

    Now the problem: When I add a new contact on the Galaxy, I have no "file as" option. When the contact syncs back to Exchange, it winds up sorting by first name. If I edit the contact in Outlook, the "File as" parameter shows firstname, lastname. In other words, a name like "Aaron Zygote" displays in the A section instead of the Z section, and I have to manually change the "File as" setting on each new contact in Outlook to fix this.

    What am I missing? Thanks for any help you can provide.
    10-18-2012 05:19 PM

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