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    A week ago I bought an inexpensive Class 10 Micro SD card. I bought a MicroCenter brand 32 GB card. I formatted it on my Mac, copied 30GB of songs onto it and inserted it into my phone. Because of the Hurricane, I basically kept my phone 100% charged at all times just in case we lost power. After the storm passed and I returned to just charging it overnight (or at least attempting to), I discovered that my phone was draining it's battery at the rate of 5-6% per hour. This with it being in sleep mode.

    After lots of trial and error, and installing various power saving apps, I noticed that the Media -- Download app was running basically all the time, keeping the phone from going into a deep sleep. After further trial and error, I found it was the micro SD card. I remove the card, the battery usage stopped and Media--Download no longer is hogging the system, I install it, it Media -- Download starts hogging the system and the battery starts draining again. All this while the phone is in sleep mode. I tried formatting the card on the Mac, then on the Phone, keeping the card empty, nothing helped.

    I exchanged the card for a Sandisk Ultra Micro SD card (also 32GB), installed it, and the problem is gone.

    Lesson learned. If you notice an unexplainable battery drain, check out the SD card. Try removing it to see if it helps. It could be the card.
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    11-03-2012 04:43 PM

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