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    Hey guys, ive had my GS3 for two weeks now so i figured id give my thoughts on it, as i bought it amongst many sweet high end phones coming out. I've been on it prettg much nonstop and am very satisfied with both performance and my service. I haven't had a chance to use the Droid DNA or Nexus4 but i have used the NoteII pretty extensively and shortly my friends new Optimus G.

    Some people complain about howw the phone is made of plastic, but trust when i say this is not a cheap feeling phone. I absolutely love the rounded edges and how amazingly comfortable they make the phone in my hand. Switch to the NoteII? Id seriously miss the way i can zip through apps with just my right hand. The GS3 is def one of the most comfortable phones ive ever held.

    The physical home button and capacitive menu and back buttons are perfect for me. And they work flawlessly.

    The dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM have handled literally everything ive thrown at them. Ive streamed tons of movies and documentaries off HBOgo with many apps running in the background(the s3 was MADE for media!). When i get a txt msg during all this, the phone handles it seemlessly. I have GOsms set to popup and give me my txt. Once i click x, my movie is instantly back playing in less than a second. My girlfriend doesn't even get annoyed when a text pops up anymore because she knows how quickly its gonna disappear.

    Heavy downloads are handled effortlessly while I'm smoothly performing other tasks and streaming music.

    I love the screen on this thing, and reading is both very clear and crisp. I used to find that i was on a time limit while using my phone due to eye strain, but now its the complete opposite. Typing is also lightning fast. I use GO keyboard to enrich the experience. My favorite thing about the screen that i find isnt talked about alot is how sensitive it is. I really feel like i can almost hover over icons to select them(almost). As most games on Android rely heavily on tapping and swiping, games play awesome on this thing. Also as paragraphs can get jumbled while typing on any screen, selecting text becomes easier due to this feature.

    Battery life is very good on my device. On average i use 9-10% an hour of battery with very light sreen-on use. Streaming movies uses about 12% an hour or maybe a little more depending on settings. I use Juice Defender, Elixer to keep a close eye on things, and dont waste my memory. If anything annoying happens to you, restart. This is after two weeks of heavily using this battery. It charges relatively quickly with the phone shut off. It gets a full day if i need it to, i just space out screen on time.

    Well i see a lot of people moving to the newer devices, i just wanted to say why I'm completely satisfied with my S3. Mine is pretty much brand new and i see no phone blowing me away spec wise yet. I hope this helps somebody somewhere make their choice :-)

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    11-20-2012 08:03 PM
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    holy smokes, how many g's do you use a mo.

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    11-20-2012 08:35 PM

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