1. enfuego44's Avatar
    Could you guys look to see if something looks off? Did a factory reset after 4.1.1. On Sprint. Thanks in advance!
    Seems like Android System is burning my battery quicker than it should? Or am I crazy?

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    12-09-2012 07:07 PM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    Nothing looks unusual to me - your were down to ~40% battery remaining, after 6 1/2 hours of use in which the screen was on over half the time. I don't know what your brightness setting was but that seems about what I'd normally expect with the screen on for that long.

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    12-10-2012 12:41 AM
  3. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    Definitely could be better... Get this app called Juice Defender, it really helps save battery a LOT

    If u don't mind the bulk, get an extended battery which does amazing

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    12-10-2012 02:04 AM
  4. enfuego44's Avatar
    Screen was at half brightness. When I hit the refresh at the top right on battery stats it says "surfaceflinger". On my wifes s3 it says something else. Is surfaceflinger doing something crazy? Or am I just paranoid?

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    12-10-2012 09:01 AM
  5. Zulu Warrior's Avatar
    Overall, nothing looks out of place to me. It's usually helpful to post the stats from the display section with any battery troubleshooting too, but I don't think it's necessary in this case. Often the android system will be a high percentage if most of the time you are just scrolling through menu's settings, ect. My phone usually does have much better battery life than that, but recently when I updated to Jelly Bean on this thing, mine's been having a little worse battery life too. I think for now your phone looks fine, let it go a few days and if you still have issues with it, post again on here, but nothing is standing out for now. Just as a comparison, on days when I don't use my phone much at all (A few texts throughout the day, maybe checking some news articles for a few minutes throughout the day, and less than an hour of talk time) I can end a 16-hour day with 75-80 percent battery left. That is with LIGHT use, often I do use it more than that too.
    12-10-2012 02:29 PM
  6. enfuego44's Avatar
    Thanks for chiming in guys. Rhings are looking better today it seems. Ive been on wifi so of course it would. I realized that I was also in a spotty lte location so this may have contributed. Should I just switch to cdma only when I dont need 4g or does it matter? Thanks again!

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    12-10-2012 06:53 PM

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