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    I recently bought Galaxy S3 as my first Android phone. Then I first start to care about WiFi sync as it's so convenience.

    Please help me as I've tried all attempt and unable to identify what's the problem

    - I used iSyncr & WiFi File transfer Pro to transfer file
    - I start above sync App in Galaxy S3, device can be identified and Sync work just fine
    - After a while, or could be days, or maybe after a huge file sync, I no longer found my Galaxy S3 via WiFi from other device. it just won't show up
    - turn Wifi Off/on, restart Galaxy, restart PC won't help
    - Internet connection still valid, only device cannot found each other
    - I've configure windows firewall and open a port for them
    - Turn router Off/On then everything works back fine

    - I have 2 Win 7 PC, 1 Win XP computer all connect to the same network with my Android phone
    - when everything works fine, I ping my phone and got all responses
    - router is DSL-2640

    I searched multiple forum and some said uPnP, I check uPnP is Enabled/On in my router setting.

    I suspect this is a router issue but strange that I couldn't found any setting regarding this.
    So frustrating because if I turn router off then on, everything just fine.

    Any idea how to fix?
    12-11-2012 01:15 AM

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