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    My wife & I each have a Verizon S3 and both of us have custom rings for reminders and telephone calls. We both occasionaly "lose" our custom rings. We then go back in an reset the rings as we want and it again works for a while but at some point it will the setting of the custom rings.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue and anyone have a resolution?
    12-11-2012 03:05 PM
  2. Waipio11's Avatar
    Happens to me intermittently too and did so too on my previous Samsung Charge. Annoying.

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    12-16-2012 01:00 PM
  3. neil154's Avatar
    Someone suggested that I moved my ringtones to the phone from the sdcard. I did it a week ago and hvave not ringtones since, but it is still early to say it is a solution.
    12-16-2012 01:21 PM
  4. piizzadude's Avatar
    It is the solution. If your phone is asleep, it take a second or so to wake up when the phone is getting a call. In that second it looks for the sdcard, doesn't find it because it has to remount, and then just goes with a default. Internal storage wakes up with the phone since it never unmounts

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    12-16-2012 01:35 PM

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