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    Hi guys, new to this forum. Just got my S3 the other day. I had a Motorola RAZR HD LTE prior.
    Got some questions below.

    1.) For text messages - when I've added a customized background under 'background style' how do I delete it?

    2.) Is there a way to use custom bubble styles and fonts specifically for texting? (Not referring to the stock bubbles)
    Also, is there a way to change the "enter message" block with the paper clip and send button? I'm finding it real difficult adjusting to this level of hideousness coming from the RAZR HD.

    3.) Does anyone know if there's a way to get the clock widget from the Motorola RAZR HD or any way to use SmartActions from the RAZR HD on the S3?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
    12-25-2012 09:51 PM
  2. FennecTheFox's Avatar
    Any ideas?
    12-26-2012 03:27 PM
  3. GSDer's Avatar
    1. No idea, sorry
    2. I'd think that any of the 3rd party SMS applications would allow you to customize the fonts, bubble styles, etc but I can't suggest one in particular since I'm living in the dark ages and just using the stock app
    3a. I doubt that you could utilize the clock widget - the OEM widgets seem to rely on their modified UI (Blur in Motorola's case)
    3b. Definitely not possible to use Smart Actions - I already chased that dream, and even though you can actually run the app itself on a different phone, none of the triggers are available. You should just look at Llama, or Tasker, or one of the other apps that allows similar functionality.
    Edit: this is another similar app https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...re.phoneweaver

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    12-26-2012 10:57 PM

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