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    1.) So I've been looking around at cases for the S3 online and I notice that all of them are for the I9300 which I assume is the model number for the International version?

    I have the i747.

    So I'm wondering if I buy these cases which are for the i9300 - Will they fit and function with my i747?

    'cause oddly enough when I was at my local Fido store trying on cases - I went through 3 of the same case and I could not increase the rocker volume with the case on, so I have to wonder if that was a manufacturing defect or are these models slightly different in some way?

    Also are there trusted sites out there for cases other than say Amazon and Samsung? Any recommendations?

    2.) I'm seeing different strength mAh batteries for the S3 out there. I have to wonder if this is a knock off or legit? 'cause I've read some weird stuff about the batteries before.(Different deficiencies.)
    12-26-2012 04:33 PM

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