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    I just purchased an AT&T GSM Galaxy S3 and I plan on getting a micro SIM card from straight talk to use it. Now my real question is I live in Craig, CO 81625 and on the straight talk website it says my area is unsupported for the micro SIM. Although I can put in an alternate zip and override it when I go to purchase it and get it anyways. I checked AT&T's coverage map for my area and they are partnered on Verizon towers here. So will this work?

    My little brother bought a Proclaim directly from Straight Talk and gets 3G coverage down here, only problem was when he tethered it for a laptop they killed his service till he called them.

    Does Straight talk use CDMA at all? I thought it was only GSM.
    01-18-2013 09:00 PM

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