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    I installed Skype on my GS3... but am having issues trying to make a video call. I can make and receive video calls... and can see the video of the other person... but I get a message saying that "video is not turned on so other party will not be able to see me". But.. the video IS on according to the button. I click it off, says the same thing, click it back on, says the same thing. Video IS enabled in the settings.

    Doing a google search.. I see others having the same problem.. but haven't found a fix. Anyone here having the same problem and/or learned a fix for this?

    On a side note... I also tried on my Galaxy 7.7 tablet... SAME PROBLEM. Is this just a Samsung problem? Or a setting on the device I haven't figured out yet?
    01-20-2013 09:29 AM

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