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    hey guys,

    so i did root for the first time for myself on my S3 LTE GT-i9305.. so i follow all the common step properly as shown in Youtube channels.. like enable USB Debugging, on Odin mode, plug in to comp, extracts the folders of Odin app and Root file, open source Root file on PDA tab, check on Auto Reboot n F. Reset Time and something pop up on Odin while it rebooting : Reboot system; Install zip from sdcard and etc.. so i just select Reboot as it is my first time rooting my phone...

    so now on Odin mode(downloading),it shows under Custom Binary Download : Yes(1 counts).. but my device status is still normal and i still cant open Root apps...

    i need your help guys!! pls reply..

    thanks guys..
    02-05-2013 12:19 AM

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