1. htrannn's Avatar
    I've gotten increasingly curious about root and even though it's one of those things that seem unnecessary and it's getting the best of me. Anyways I'm interested in rooting my phone and need some information to start up. So I've done a little bit of reading up on it and I've found that there are different ways to actually root your phone. Which of these types of root is the 'best' one? Or do they all do the same function and not matter? Then as far as custom ROMs how hard are they to flash and what are the benefits? If I had a custom ROM would it be on top of my firmware or a firmware replacement? Also if it came time that I need to update my phone will I need to remove my ROM and what complications could come from the update?

    Lastly what kind of benefits is there to rooting? To me it seems interesting and I want the power over my phone that I don't currently have (whether I use that power or not is up for debate), and to be able to remove bloatware and maybe look into ROMs.

    Currently using a Canadian S3 on the Bell network, SGH-1747M if that matters at all.
    02-07-2013 06:48 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    See: http://forums.androidcentral.com/sho....php?p=2574400

    There are lots of threads addressing this. Scroll through the rooting sub forum FOR YOUR CARRIER version.

    Sent from my Sprint Galaxy S3. Please forgive any typos or auto-correct errors.
    02-07-2013 11:09 PM
  3. htrannn's Avatar
    Canadian carrier, I checked earlier and its all American. Nothing to be found in the Canadian carrier section either.
    02-07-2013 11:15 PM
  4. pappcam's Avatar
    This is the exact method I used:


    I followed it to a tee on my SaskTel (Canadian) S3 and I have root along with a custom recovery which you need to flash roms and themes. I'm still running the stock TW firmware but I themed it a little bit with the 23 toggle mod in blue. Other than that I use Titanium to debloat and backup my apps and I also installed an adblocker which wasn't possible without root.

    One of these days I'll try out a custom rom when I have the time to do it.
    02-07-2013 11:36 PM
  5. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Following that procedure might work for the OP, but there's no way to be sure, unless he's also on SaskTel. If it doesn't work, you can probably recover back to stock. Flashing a ROM designed for a different carrier is a whole different ballgame. If THAT doesn't work, you've probably bricked your phone.

    Try doing some Google searches for rooting your [carrier] Galaxy S3. This isn't the only site that deals with rooting. xda-developers has a wealth of information, too, although it can sometimes be a little hard to wade through.
    02-08-2013 10:30 AM

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