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    I plugged my S3 into the stereo today and after setting USB mode to MTP from the default Installer mode, I was greeted by the Google + Hangout audio tone playing through my stereo.
    At first I thought I actually had someone trying to invite me to a G+ Hangout, but I wasn't even signed in to G+ or have an account associated with it. Tried disconnect/reconnect the USB path, and rebooting phone. Same results. Perhaps the stereo was having a bad day? Removed the faceplate with same results. In the photos you'll see the "media read state" and then after media is mounted, the "music file play state".

    So, here's what I'm thinking may have happened. Last night I did a Factory Reset to solve issues with WiFi Hotspot and USB Tethering not working. Restored everything via a Titanium Backup and was back in business minus getting a few apps happy again. The full Titanium Backup restored photos, videos, music, app and system data. Just wonder if somehow the music file type associations got "misplaced" or corrupted such that the G+ Hangout media file is the only one that the stereo can recognize and read from storage. Prior to the Factory Reset and restore, media file playback via USB was working great. I'll try deleting the music files and then restore via iSyncr to see if that resolves. The other remote possibility is that my stereo encountered a hiccup between yesterday today.

    If anyone has experienced this or similar would like to hear about it
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    02-08-2013 07:11 PM
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    So after a deleting music files on the S3 and completing a full iSyncr session, the issue still persisted. This helped to clue in that perhaps the stereo just wasnt finding any media, which in turn made me wonder if the stereo tries to read from a specific location. The default iSyncr path synch path is /sdcard/syncr. Prior to the Factory Reset, my music was there as well and the stereo read from sdcard just fine. So, I moved the contents in the syncr folder to sdcard/Music and was back in business.
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    02-09-2013 02:03 PM

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